Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unfinished Business

Behold, my stash of unfinished 'gurumis:

There's probably more where that came from. If there's a type of ADD for crocheting, I definitely have it. I'm very eager to try new things, so I'm quick to jump on a new project before the one I was working is complete.

Looking back, I can see things in old projects that I would do differently. So I wonder if it would be better to ditch some of these and just start over, or go back to where I was and keep going?

After a little light redecorating today, I've already come up with a couple pieces I'd like to make to brighten things up. Maybe I should start a netflix-ish queue for projects!

Then again, I've got about 400 movies on my netflix queue, most of which I probably will never get to haha!

The solution: an eight movie at a time subscription?

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