Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looking for Group

I managed to finish (well mostly) some of the unfinished's!

I say mostly because there are still some embelleshments I want to add on to these guys, as well as one more member of the group that still needs some putting together.

What you see are three of my friend's characters from our D&D campaign. A half-elf rogue, a gnome rogue, and a human paladin. The red guy with the pins in him is a half demon warlock. I'll be sure to post more detailed pictures once they are complete. I'm sad to say one of these characters has already died in our campain, so i'd better finish them before another looses a fight to a dragon (or rolls a 1 on perform breakdance).

I'm sure it's no surprise that i'm a huge dork who loves fantasy stuff. I've actually only been playing d&d for less than a year, but i've been a fantasy fan since I was a baby.

There are so many fantasy characters that I want to make I dont really know where to begin, haha. So when my boyfriend wanted to start his own D&D campaign, I took the opportunity to learn the game myself (which I still find a bit daunting and complicated sometimes). My friends came up with such awesome characters, I had to bring them to life in cute doll form.

The idea for the look of the dolls came from Christen Haden's Creepy Cute Crochet (ISBN-10 1594742324). Her book is essential reading for those amigurumi-ers who love fantasy. She even has "expansion pack" patterns on her blog and etsy shop (,

Oh how I hope someone will be blogging about patterns I've published one day haha!

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