Thursday, June 10, 2010

Character Development

Our heroes' journey continues:
Here are the characters a bit more put together. I still need to sew on the paladin's pauldrons and fashion weapons. I picked up some Sculpey and some acrylic paint. I have to tell you, the weapons that these guys thought up are pretty intense, so I've got my work cut out for me!

I'll go into some more detail with these guys. First off is the half demon mage.

He's got a mithril shirt and cloth vest. I made the ring belt out of a loop bracelet closure and suede lace.

Since he's half demon, I gave him some horn stubs, mostly hidden in his hair haha:

Here is the gnome rogue. I actually didn't get a look at his character sheet so I didn't even know he was a rogue until we started playing. I went ahead and gave him plate armor. The pot is along story. Suffice it to say, gnomes are pretty cunning creatures.

Here is our half elf rogue. She's got a mithril shirt (well more like a bustier) and leather bodice. I gave her some leather pauldrons as well.

And of course you can't be a half elf without pointy ears.

And here's our human cleric. He's got a mithril shirt and leather armor. I gave him a nifty cape too.

The leather pauldrons I made out of crocheting beading cord and a size 4 steel crochet hook.

I really like the way it came out. I love the look of it so much I'm definitely using it again for another project. At least something small like coasters haha.

I have to say, making all of the little accessories by hand I can't help but feel something of a kinship to the artisans of old. Of course, I'm nowhere near a master worker of any craft, but someday I would hope to be so amazing at a craft I could be considered an artisan.

Even if you're not into fantasy or history for that matter, I would strongly suggest any crafter visit a Renaissance faire. They are overflowing with hand-crafted goodies that you can't help but admire. You can find just about everything there. I've picked up handmade leather goods, perfume, candles, books, honey. The list goes on.

And the best Renaissance faires will have demonstrations of crafts like glass blowing, black-smithing, and hand weaving. They're great places for inspiration and a little bit of education too!

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